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Improving the situation for all injured by electromagnetic radiation is the goal of our activity. So doing, we are fully aware that there will be a long one, as we together with our clients again and again to the situation existing regulation limits will receive. These limits are not binding, is not natural. It is precisely the struggle to shift focus of this has its limitations in cases such as Amalgan, asbestos, tobacco, etc. After years of tireless work to perfect the trend in the courts and donors led regulation. Meaningless work so this is no case.

Find out more on these pages about the fates of like the contact to citizens' action groups in your area. Together with other colleagues, doctors and scientists can the work successfully, and the electromagnetic radiation of a day in our environment significantly reduced. Thus, we create a future worth living for us all. So, we want a better perception of the issue, and ultimately the legislature to take action against the increasing pollution of our environment with radiation move. If you are interested in the topic, even affected, sign up with one of the numerous citizens' action groups or with us (via contact).

Insofar welcome to our website of the wireless victims!


In the centre of Berlin (Germany) the LeistikowSchreyeck lawfirm is situated, which represent clients from all ranges, national as well as international.

Our experience by many years in international conducts of negotiations in the section of terrorism , long-term intergovernmental economic relations and international requirements for compensation point out our ability to solve all tasks, which are demanded within the global and international right ranges by a lawfirm ever more.

Special focus of our consultancy is the tort law and the support of major stakeholders, such as for example in the field of victim by electromagnetic radiation. We have victims from Europe for the claims, as mobile radiation and other forms of electromagnetic radiation before the country's borders do not stop. Especially when injured in border areas of remaining damage, the nation and thus also of the jurisdiction be abroad. Where should we represent, we take this task itself also true in other cases we are looking for cooperation with the relevant offices in their respective countries.

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Hier finden Sie unsere deutschsprachige Seite www.mobilfunkopfer-anwalt.info


Under the topic "news" you will find the current activities are listed. If you want to be quickly informed of what is currently in the field of electromagnetic waves on the part of the initiatives and lawyers moved, simply go to this side.



Daily news published worldwide in the field of mobile phone radiation. These messages will give you an overview of the media to give a reality.

sience / doctors

The critical things in the fight against the pollution of our environment with electromagnetic radiation calculations done in the science and the doctors surveyed. Only when the science concede and the dangers of electromagnetic radiation well below the current limits, it will clear the way for a nationwide replacement scheme for all wireless-victims. On this page we present developments in this area.

victim reports

On this page you will hear the individual victims.Behind our activities are individual stories like these. You are reading to determine how close the fates together.


Under "lawsuit" to find the establishment of judicial activities in the field of prevention of radiation and cellular damages.

compensation for damage / for pain

In this section you will find a list of possible situations that are part of a claim and entitle you could be prosecuted. We supplement the information with other intelligence.


In this section we introduce the current criminal complaints and their history, so you an overview of what's happening and keep in your procedures are.


By and by this point we are left with useful and extend you the opportunity to study with citizens action groups, etc. in touch.