Jean Gerson School vs. Bouygues Telecom SA

(Campaign for Schools without Electromagnetic Pollution)


The Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI-District Court) in Lyon has just issued a court order in response to the request of the parents whose children attend the Jean Gerson School in Lyon to commence judicial proceedings against the limited company Bouygues Telecom.

In doing this, the judges of the TGI are not commenting on the issues in the case, but they acknowledge the urgency and the validity of the demand made by the parents of children at the Jean Gerson nursery and primary school to take Bouygues Telecom to court. For years Lyon City Council have refused to take any action, in spite of the factual evidence of the impact of the beams of artificial HF microwave radiation, not only in the school playground but in all the school buildings.


As a result Bouygues Telecom have ignored the problem and in fact have been acting on the quiet, notably disguising the antennas with a fake chimney, and then raising the level of the beams (provisionally), thus more or less acknowledging that the school is indeed affected by the radiation!


The parents have formed an action group called Rassemblement pour des Ecoles Sans Pollution ÉlectroMagnétique (Campaign for Schools without Electromagnetic Pollution [Example TAIWAN] ), defended by their lawyer Maître Franck Heurtrey. Their main demand is that all the relay antennas that are not compatible with human health should be dismantled. Some parents, who find the health risk intolerable, are even planning to take their children out of the school if positive and rapid progress is not made.. It is time for the phone companies and above all the politicians (who may be ignorant but who can still do major damage) to realise that the day of reckoning is at hand. The delaying tactics and the clever tricks intended to keep the old system on its feet (such as the recent charade of the ministerial Round Table) have missed their mark. Although they do not yet realise it, the public at large are faced with a choice between today's convenience and tomorrow's illness. While most people in ignorance use their mobile phone to the maximum, the growing ranks of those who are aware of the dangers of radiation are well on the way to reaching critical mass.


In truth, the current demand for a limit of 0.6 V/m of artificial HF microwave radiation is only a temporary emergency measure, since now that we are surrounded by this new type of environmental pollution it is becoming clear that we have to abandon altogether the technology that generates it, because even a weak dose of radiation damages all living tissue.


Substitution: there exists a system of land-based mobile telephony that functions perfectly well without any radiation. This is another matter that has to be discussed, but not with the present players, who will have to account for their actions on the issues of excess mortality and the "mortgaged" future of a whole generation of young people.


Source: Redaktion Bürgerwelle