Legacy of Leo Chick

September 9, 2008. Mr. Leo Chick, 2603 Hull Rd., Leslie, MI 49251-9557, died Tuesday, 9/9/08, of apparent heart failure.

Mr. Chick spent five years in Europe during World War II defending freedom and justice for people throughout the world. After returning home, he married his wife Vernita. They purchased the farm where they lived and raised two daughters.

Mr. Chick challenged a power company for building nine 46,000-Volt lines on an old easement that ran between his grain and machine storage building and his dairy barn. He proved that the power company had breached an agreement signed when the line was built which gave assurances that the installation would comply with all requirements of the National Electric Safety Code (NESC) adopted as law by the State of Michigan and would not put any electricity or electromagnetic fields onto the farm.

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